The ability to capture a moment when you are hiking, walking, traveling, dining, at an event, and so much more – has been made easy with amazing technology. Most people walk around with a camera in their hands – smartphones changed everything in photography when first introduced over 30 years ago according to IBM.

Photography is up there with digital painting and digital illustrations – passions I’ve enjoyed a few years now. Digital painting/drawing and digital illustrations were made easily accessible by the introduction of the iPad and the Apple pencil, along with other software solutions.

Digital Illustrations

As a current hobbyist, slowly moving towards becoming an expert digital illustrator – I am mostly overwhelmed by the options available to enable me to learn new techniques on multiple devices, using multiple software options, with tons of experts willing and able to share their knowledge via YouTube and other training online classes. It’s super amazing!

I started my digital painting, drawing, and illustrations in a very serious way over 3 years ago, and have not slowed down, even though I realize that I still have so much more to learn. It’s knowing that there is so much skill that I can acquire that keeps me excited and exhilarated each time I sit down to draw, paint, or create an illustration.

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