An Anniversary Dinner in Boston’s South End


French dining at its Best

Last-minute dinner reservations at Aquitaine in Boston’s South End did not disappoint. It was a wonderful surprise, but more importantly, a truly memorable dining experience. It was about a year since our last visit. We found a familiar environment, but with a twist. The restaurant was closed for six months and was renovated and semi-transformed. The restaurant did not lose its authentic french ambiance – cozy and intimate.

They moved the bar and relocated and expanded it on the opposite wall, with a great deal more space to walk in the door and interact with the hosts. It also seemed that they were able to make the bar a bit larger, although, it seemed that it was only in length. It certainly looked to be a lot more spacious – additional seating was added, providing for more people to sit, stand and have a drink as you wait for a table.  Prior to the change, there was simply not enough standing room to interact with the host and get a drink at the bar. A truly welcome change – especially during the winter.

A few things did not change. The food and the quality of service. The service was consistently attentive, friendly and just simply outstanding. It’s one of those areas where I refused to make a sacrifice. Excellent service could smooth over many of the rough spots restaurants usually encounter – slow service from the kitchen because of a busy night, or the high price of the wine.

Aquitaine is one of my favorite french restaurants. I’m anxiously looking forward to another special occasion for a repeat performance and spectacular dining experience.

Check out Aquitaine here

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